In the middle of summer, a swimming pool is a welcome sight. However, this is really only true if the pool has been properly cleaned/maintained. In Minnesota, often a company specializing in pool cleaning Minneapolis is who is responsible for this- so becoming a pool cleaner can be a lucrative career. You will need some training since there are so many different chemicals- some dangerous- and systems that you will be dealing with. While you don’t need a degree, a certificate in pool cleaning is critical.

Take some time to do your research on organizations/agencies that offer certification for pool cleaners. This is typically referred to as Certified Pool Operator- CPO for short. While some companies may not require this, it’s definitely going to give you a better shot than someone that doesn’t have it. After all, most employers don’t necessarily offer any on-the-job training. You should be able to speak with some of the pool cleaning operators to find out where they got their certification.

Then, once you’ve chosen one, you’ll register for the training with them. Depending on how much training is offered, you may be in classes for a few weeks to a few months. Of course, you can decrease this if you do your training online. Most of the time, the program will include things like pool regs, filtration/disinfection, contamination, and chemical testing. Complete all of the requirements.

At the conclusion of your training, you’ll need to apply for certification. Some of the agencies do not require a formal application in order to grant your certification. Some of them will just track the completion of your courses and send your certificate once all of the requirements are met.

Once certified, start looking for opportunities for a position cleaning pools. Keep in mind that due to state/organizational rules/regulations, different employers will have different requirements on the experience/training you need. Therefore, you must be willing to work under a supervisor for some time or even participate in orientation.

Since you will make more money on your own than working with someone else, you’ll want to start looking for independent clients after you’ve worked for a while with an organization. Once you have enough of these clients, you can consider starting your own business offering pool cleaning Minneapolis.