When the dog days of summer get here, it’s nice to have a pool to relax and cool off in, isn’t it? Many hours will be spent in it by the entire family. Keep in mind that the above ground pools Virginia Beach are much cheaper than an in-ground pool and you can install it yourself to save that much more. You can easily be enjoying your new pool in just a matter of hours.

Start by digging up the sod to get the area ready for the pool to be replaced. You want to make sure that there are no tree roots in the way. In addition, depending on where you are, you may be required to have additional clearance. Then, you will need to make sure the area is level. This is critical because if the ground is not level, your pool might sink.

Next, you will place the foundation blocks so that you can place the frame posts. Patio stones can be used for this. Be sure that you sink them into the ground, only leaving the surface exposed.

Finally, you’re ready to place the frame of the pool on the ground. After each step, you will need to double check the blocks to be sure that they are level. Now, you will set the walls. You may need some help with this part of the process, as this can ensure that the job goes smoothly. Once you have rolled the sides all the way around, you can fasten the walls with the nuts and bolts and then cover seams and screws with some duct tape.

Using masonry sand, you will lay your sand base. Two inches will be perfectly fine as a base. Simply work your way from the outside to the middle. Once you have the sand in place, spray it with grass killer and get the sand wet. After it’s sufficiently wet, you can start tamping it down until it’s even and firm.

You’re almost done installing your above ground pool at this point. You will now install the liner, making sure that it’s as wrinkle-free as possible. Never pull or stretch it because this could ruin it.

Finally, you will finish the framework by attaching the rails and posts, making sure that you leave all screws loose until you have attached the pieces. Finally, tighten all of the screws and add the finishing touches. One thing is for certain, above ground pools Virginia Beach are lots of fun in the summertime.